My name is Maggie Bennett and I am the Managing Director of Island Healthcare which has been providing care and support services for a great number of people since June 2003.

As a way of introducing the service we offer I’d like to share a real life story with you about a woman who lived at one of our care homes and the things that really mattered to her.

Joy's Story

What Joy’s Story taught us:

    That Joy loved her husband and family – they were the most important factor in her life
    Her life had been full of simple pleasures such as reading her paper and ‘getting the washing out’
    Her deafness had resulted in early social isolation and was determined to be ‘no trouble’
    She loved her TV programmes that she could hear with her hearing aid which changed her life
    She had no interest in ‘group activity’ preferring to have regular visits from her family for chats
    She was generous with everything – having had very little for a considerable part of her life
    She had experienced quite a lot of personal and family tragedy which resulted in her being non-judgemental, pretty un-shockable and immensely kind

Joy was my mother, and her story shows us the value of knowing about people.  It allows us to provide person centred care, and be a friend in often difficult and frightening times.  We always strive to pass the ‘Mum Test’.


Westview Hub

The Westview Hub…is absolutely brilliant. You tailored your system into the clients need which seemed impossible for other organisations to achieve when I was making enquires. – Heather

Hazel Lodge

The entertainment / singer was brilliant I noticed ALL the carers were attentive to the residents, well led’

Compassion & Strength

I have nothing but admiration for the compassion and strength your employee has for the people in his care, he has a very special talent – Ann & Jim

Hazel Lodge

December 2018   ‘…every time I come everyone is always happy’ ‘Hazel Lodge is an extremely welcoming place and the atmosphere is one of a home where the residents are treated with respect and kindness’ ‘Offers an exceptional high quality service and is well respected for the high level of training for staff’

So much love

I will always remember , so much love, help and kindness …You have all been wonderful…I can recommend Northbrooke House. – Mary (Client)


Thank you so much for making a respite room available…it was a lifesaver for me – Rose


Best Home on the Island!! Staff are great


You were all very kind to me, it helped me to stay happy. – Valerie (Client)


  July 2019 To everyone that looked after dad, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for all you did for him (and me!). You’re all special people……a credit to your profession   My stay at Hazel Lodge was made so much better for the wonderful caring staff…. To all staff at Northbrooke House –… Read more “HAZEL LODGE”

The Highest Standard

The care my mother has received has been of the highest standard. The positive attitude of everyone concerned, the professional advice…together with the very high quality nursing care has been brilliant. – Mark (family member)

We always thought..

We always thought during the time Mum was with you the cleanliness, food and overall attention was as high as it could possibly have been


Thank you so much for all your love and care for mum over the past few years………   Thank you for all your support at my Nanny’s funeral. It meant so much to have Grandad in the car with us, we couldn’t of done it without you all….   What a lovely atmosphere at Westview… Read more “Westview”

Care & Kindness

We would like to thank you all for your care and kindness…Mum was always treated respectfully and sympathetically with a lot of understanding which we know she greatly appreciated. – Kath, Brian and Family


Thanks for the care and support given to our mum during her stay with you Mrs SW

Tea Party

Thank you very much for your help and involvement in the Great British Tea Party, It was much appreciated. – Sue (Havenstreet Parish Council)