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Moving Island Healthcare Towards Outstanding

Island Healthcare continues to strive to provide outstanding care at all 5 of our sites.   The characteristic under the Well Led KLOE states: “The leadership, governance and culture are used to drive and improve high-quality, person-centred care.”  In such a fast paced and ever changing sector, a continuous process is needed to ensure we keep up with regulation and technology changes!  We are therefore launching Towards Outstanding.

Towards Outstanding is a program of continuous quality improvement (CQI) which encourages all staff, including board members, registered managers and front line employees, to continuously ask what can be done better.  It emphasises that client and staff satisfaction is paramount and that often problems are caused by processes, not people.  ‘Towards Outstanding’ aims to ensure that all team members; employees and managers feel consistently empowered to improve the quality of care we’re providing as well as solving some of the issues they may be having!  Towards Outstanding doesn’t follow the adage: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Instead, we will be proactively searching for ways to be more effective and efficient.

The TO Teams will consist of a Team Champion from each department – catering, care domestic – a company director and the Registered Manager.  We’ll have a set agenda for each meeting which, to begin with, will include a lot of brainstorming around defining an area of improvement at your home then identifying what success would look like (when we can start the process again!) and how we can get there.

This is an exciting opportunity at the company to get involved with improving the service we’re delivering.  Your ideas could make a huge difference across the company for all of our clients and your colleagues.  If you’re interested in joining the team at your home please speak to your manager or email me directly on


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Northbrooke CQC inspection 2018

As you know, Island Healthcare Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide care and support at Northbrooke House which includes Hazel Lodge. We were inspected by the CQC on the 2nd and 7th November last year and a report of their findings has now been published on their website. Until this report, Northbrooke House, together with all Island Healthcare homes, was rated as Good for Safety – Care – Responsiveness – Effectiveness and Well-led.

Northbrooke House has seen a number of changes in its management and vision of care and support during the past year. The main house is now solely providing services for people living with dementia and Hazel Lodge supports people with nursing care needs. Throughout the service at Northbrooke we continue to provide care for people with high levels of complexity and work closely with colleagues at the hospital and health and social care in the community to ensure that the care we provide is entirely focused on the individual and their planned outcomes for care and support.

It is with deep and sincere regret therefore that I must report to you that, following our recent inspection, although we were rated as Good for our Care provision, with many positive remarks made by the inspectors and from those of you who were present during their visit, we were also rated as Requires Improvement for Safety – Responsiveness – Effectiveness and Well-led. Inspectors found gaps in our record keeping and reporting systems (the majority of which we had addressed before they returned for day two of their inspection) and also our Quality Assurance system audits, which we have been working on intensely during the past month to return our data analysis to its former level of effectiveness.

To this end we have re-visited our Quality Assurance system and added new audits for medication and care planning. We have also taken steps to start an electronic auditing and care planning system which will provide a desktop analysis to ensure our management team are always kept informed of how our service is performing. We have recruited additional senior managers to support Kim and Sally to deliver not only an exemplary care and support service but also to maintain the records that underpin and provide the evidence that the service is performing.

We are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that the care and support we provide for everyone throughout our organisation is the very best it can be and that we get our reporting and record keeping right first time.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Maggie Bennett
Managing Director

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Dementia Alliance Newsletter – Summer 2018

Dementia Alliance Newsletter-Summer 2018 (003)
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2016 Annual Report

Better late than never, Island Healthcare’s 2016 Annual Report is now available on this page and, shortly, in any of our five homes!

Annual Report
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Westview House – Outstandingly Well-led

Following an unannounced inspection carried out on the 4th and 8th of November, Westview House received an overall ‘Good’ rating from CQC with an Outstanding award for the key question “Is the service well led?”

People received “Exceptionally person centred care” the report says, “from staff who knew each person well, their life and what mattered to them.”  The home was recognised for providing a service which “focused on the individual’s needs and the needs of their families”.

The brilliant staff at Westview were praised throughout the report.  One health professional told the inspector “All of the carers I have met at Westview are very caring and are at Westview because they want to be”.  People are cared for with “dignity and respect” by staff who showed “kindness and warmth”.

People felt safe using the service because “there are plenty of staff” who “are always here if I need them”.  Chef Nita Lillywhite was said to be “excellent” providing person centred catering and “fantastic” food.

Island Healthcare’s “clear vision”, summarised in our Valuing individuals; Inspiring them to keep; Treasured memories; and Active Lives (VITAL) ethos was said to underpin staff practice and “put people at the heart of the service”.  Lucy, the VITAL Coordinator at Westview, “enriched” people’s lives through the support she gave people at the home and following the specialist activities training she received from Dr Gemma Jones.

Registered Manager, Kate Hall and Deputy Manager, Chanta Smith, were “dedicated to caring for the residents in the home” with Kate’s “energy, enthusiasm and dedication” being highlighted by one health professional.

Island Healthcare’s willingness to innovate in the form of the Hub and The Safe Journey of Care was recognised, with Hub users praising the service variously as “”absolutely marvellous”, “really good “and “I don’t know what I would do without them”.

Kate Hall said: “I am immensely proud of my team at Westview; their dedication, enthusiasm and passion, which shines through in their care of our clients.

“I feel incredibly lucky to work with, and for, such amazing people and their families. I will endeavour to ensure that we continue our good work in the home and outside in the community.”

Managing Director, Maggie Bennett, said: “I’m glad Kate and her team have achieved recognition for the fantastic work they do for the people using the service.  The report glowed with positivity.  The hardwork now truly begins as we strive to maintain and improve upon findings, which offered no criticism of our service.”

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Outstanding rating awarded to Highfield House, Shanklin

Following an unannounced inspection, carried out on the 8 September 2016, Highfield House in Shanklin, part of the Island Healthcare group of homes has been awarded the top, Outstanding, rating from CQC in recognition of the service delivered for the people living at the home.cqc-inspected-and-rated-outstanding-rgb

Highfield was praised in the report for providing “exceptionally person centred care” which was delivered by “staff who knew each person well, about their life and what mattered to them.”

A special mention was given to excellent staff at Highfield who “worked tirelessly to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of the people they cared for.”

As a company, Island Healthcare strives to provide a service which can be relied upon by families who can feel content knowing that the support of their loved one is paramount.  One family member said “I know my relative will be safe and well cared for when I go home, I don’t have to worry”.

Another relative said “It’s the best home going, points out of 10 – 12, it’s incredible, brilliant”

Health and social care professionals joined the praise of Highfield with one stating it is “one of the best, it’s brilliant. The home provides high quality care to some people with very complex needs.

The report also recognised Island Healthcare for its commitment to developing “innovative ways to enhance people’s sense of wellbeing and quality of life”.

Managing Director, Maggie Bennett said: “We are really proud that Teresa and her team have been recognised for the commitment they have shown to the people who live at Highfield and their families.  Their achievements not only enhance but change the lives of the people that live there.”

Registered Manager, Teresa Hope, said: “I am delighted with our recent CQC inspection and the overall outstanding rating that we have been given. It is real testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment from all the staff at Highfield House.

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Northbrooke House CQC

Northbrooke House is really proud to announce our new CQC rating – Good across the board in all five areas.

Following the inspection we received a lovely write up in the County Press, outlining some of the amazing comments from family members and the inspectors.


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Best Home on the Island!! Staff are great

Westview Hub

The Westview Hub…is absolutely brilliant. You tailored your system into the clients need which seemed impossible for other organisations to achieve when I was making enquires. – Heather

Compassion & Strength

I have nothing but admiration for the compassion and strength your employee has for the people in his care, he has a very special talent – Ann & Jim


Thank you so much for making a respite room available…it was a lifesaver for me – Rose

Hazel Lodge

December 2018   ‘…every time I come everyone is always happy’ ‘Hazel Lodge is an extremely welcoming place and the atmosphere is one of a home where the residents are treated with respect and kindness’ ‘Offers an exceptional high quality service and is well respected for the high level of training for staff’

So much love

I will always remember , so much love, help and kindness …You have all been wonderful…I can recommend Northbrooke House. – Mary (Client)

Hazel Lodge

The entertainment / singer was brilliant I noticed ALL the carers were attentive to the residents, well led’


Thanks for the care and support given to our mum during her stay with you Mrs SW

The Highest Standard

The care my mother has received has been of the highest standard. The positive attitude of everyone concerned, the professional advice…together with the very high quality nursing care has been brilliant. – Mark (family member)

Care & Kindness

We would like to thank you all for your care and kindness…Mum was always treated respectfully and sympathetically with a lot of understanding which we know she greatly appreciated. – Kath, Brian and Family

Tea Party

Thank you very much for your help and involvement in the Great British Tea Party, It was much appreciated. – Sue (Havenstreet Parish Council)

We always thought..

We always thought during the time Mum was with you the cleanliness, food and overall attention was as high as it could possibly have been


You were all very kind to me, it helped me to stay happy. – Valerie (Client)