Here you will find some of the questions which we are commonly asked:

1. Are couples welcome at your care homes?

Yes, as we have a few rooms at each of our sites that can accommodate 2 people. An up to date list of charges for these rooms are included in our Service Users Guide or if you would prefer, speak directly to Louise Jones, Finance Director on (01983) 862195

2. How do I get funding for my care?

In the first instance you will need to contact the Local Authority (01983) 821000 to enable a care manager to be appointed to carry out a care needs and a financial eligibility assessment. You may also find it useful to speak with someone at The Link who work on behalf of the Local Authority and can be contacted via the council on (01983 821000)

Independent advice can also be sought from the following groups:

Age UK (01983) 525282 or their website here.

Paying for Care is a not-for-profit company and their website contains a wealth of impartial information on all aspects of long term care funding, from local authority support to other ways to pay.

A guide for care funding can be found on the Paying for Care website here.

3. Can I bring my pets with me when I move in?

The admission of client’s pets is at the discretion of the home’s manager and after due consideration of the possible effect on others

4. When can I come and visit my relatives?

Island Healthcare Ltd has no restrictions on visiting at any time. However, we would appreciate a telephone call if any visit is proposed late at night.

5. Can I take my relative home or out to lunch?

We always encourage our clients to maintain their links with friends and families wherever possible. This could include support from one of our care team to aiding with our wheelchair accessible transport.

6. What activities do you have on offer for me?

At Island Healthcare we have developed the V.I.T.AL. (Valuing Individuals, Inspiring them to keep Treasured memories and Active Lives)concept for our care services which is followed by all staff within our organisation, across all departments.

V.I.T.AL. starts with an informal chat about what is and has been important to our clients throughout their lives, this information is entered into a Life Book and then incorporated into an individual care plan. Access to activities defined by the V.I.T.AL. Life Book are then encouraged both inside and outside of the home’s environment. There are also be group activities on offer ranging from crafts, cookery through to musical entertainment.

7. Do I have a choice as to which home I go to?

Prior to admission all prospective clients (privately or Local Authority funded) will be assessed by the manager of the home usually more convenient to a client’s home/relatives. Admission will then be dependent on whether that home can appropriately meet the client’s need and room availabilty.

8. Will I have access to staff during the night?

All of our homes are staffed 24hrs per day, 365 days per year with the appropriate numbers of fully qualified staff

9. What about telephone and internet access?

All of our clients have access to a telephone with their own handest in their room in the new build extensions at both Northbrooke and Westview. In all other homes all clients will have the use of a mobile handset for incoming and out going calls. Clients are obviously free to bring their own mobile but reception can be intermittant at Northbrooke (Havenstreet) & Westview (Totland).

Internet access is available at all of our sites and the administrator will be able to supply you with the Internet Access code.

10. How do I find your CQC reports?

We have a link directly to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on our website (see CQC Reports page). From there you are able to read our latest report which can be downloaded if you wish.

11. Will I have access to in house hairdressing and chiropodists?

Each site has a hairdresser that makes weekly visits and there are also chiropodists that make regular visits. These services are not included in the fees payable and a monthly account will be raised for such services when they arise. Clients are welcome to have their own hairdresser/chiropodist visit them at the home should they prefer. Other services not included in fees payable are: personal newspapers, toiletries, dental services and escorts to medical appointments.


Always very approachable now how busy things are

……deserve a lot of praise for the level of care they give to the residents. They are always very approachable no matter how busy things can be. Nothing is too much trouble. I can always guarantee if I ask them to do something for me they will do it. Always so kind to my mother… Read more “Always very approachable now how busy things are”

Welcome to Rylands

Staff are very attentive and appear to genuinely care. We have noticed a positive impovement since mum came here from another home.

Wecoming smile at Rylands

……. has a lovely manner with my mother and other residents. She is so gentle and always welcomes me with a smile when I arrive at Rylands. She treats my mother with dignity & respect. Thank you for being so lovely to my mum

The Highest Standard

The care my mother has received has been of the highest standard. The positive attitude of everyone concerned, the professional advice…together with the very high quality nursing care has been brilliant. – Mark (family member)


Thanks for the care and support given to our mum during her stay with you Mrs SW


You were all very kind to me, it helped me to stay happy. – Valerie (Client)


Thank you so much for making a respite room available…it was a lifesaver for me – Rose

My birthday surprise!

Following a general conversation with a carer one day, I arrived to see my mother on my birthday and I received some lovely flowers and a card from my mother! I did shed a tear as you can imagine. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do. Thanks so much


  July 2019 To everyone that looked after dad, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks for all you did for him (and me!). You’re all special people……a credit to your profession   My stay at Hazel Lodge was made so much better for the wonderful caring staff…. To all staff at Northbrooke House –… Read more “HAZEL LODGE”


Best Home on the Island!! Staff are great

Compassion & Strength

I have nothing but admiration for the compassion and strength your employee has for the people in his care, he has a very special talent – Ann & Jim

Hazel Lodge

The entertainment / singer was brilliant I noticed ALL the carers were attentive to the residents, well led’

So much love

I will always remember , so much love, help and kindness …You have all been wonderful…I can recommend Northbrooke House. – Mary (Client)

Calm & reassuring

……is very clearly experienced at care giving. She has a most calm and reassuring manner. I have 100% confidence in her role as senior carer. She has a lovely manner with the residents and responds very warmly to my own mother who loves to feel cuddled by people. Many thanks for looking after my mother… Read more “Calm & reassuring”


Thank you so much for all your love and care for mum over the past few years………   Thank you for all your support at my Nanny’s funeral. It meant so much to have Grandad in the car with us, we couldn’t of done it without you all….   What a lovely atmosphere at Westview… Read more “Westview”

Westview Hub

The Westview Hub…is absolutely brilliant. You tailored your system into the clients need which seemed impossible for other organisations to achieve when I was making enquires. – Heather

Care & Kindness

We would like to thank you all for your care and kindness…Mum was always treated respectfully and sympathetically with a lot of understanding which we know she greatly appreciated. – Kath, Brian and Family

Tea Party

Thank you very much for your help and involvement in the Great British Tea Party, It was much appreciated. – Sue (Havenstreet Parish Council)

We always thought..

We always thought during the time Mum was with you the cleanliness, food and overall attention was as high as it could possibly have been


He is amazing with my mother and with other residents, he takes the time that is needed with whatever job he is doing concerning a resident. He genuinely likes the residents, he cares about their wellbeing like his own family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the awesome way you care for… Read more “Amazing”

Tile House

…thanks to your compassion and understanding….was able to spend her final hours in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her family and wanted to express our deepest gratitude for all the hard work you do….   ……thank all the staff who cared for mum these past 2 years. Katie, Laura and the staff… Read more “Tile House”

Hazel Lodge

December 2018   ‘…every time I come everyone is always happy’ ‘Hazel Lodge is an extremely welcoming place and the atmosphere is one of a home where the residents are treated with respect and kindness’ ‘Offers an exceptional high quality service and is well respected for the high level of training for staff’

Ray of sunshine

K is a ray of sunshine, always. She is so bubbly and warm with my mother it can make me tearful. She genuinely is caring about my elderly mother. She treats her like one of her own family. Thank you so very much